Courtesy Pay is a service that provides Members in good standing a limited level of protection for their checking account.  If you do not have enough money in your account to pay when a check, ACH item or ATM withdrawal comes in, the credit union may cover the item rather than returning it. When we pay an item that creates a negative balance in your account, a $20 Courtesy Pay Fee will be charged for each item, in addition to the $35 Insufficient Funds Fee.

Courtesy Pay saves you the inconvenience and expense of having a check or ACH withdrawal returned and gives you peace of mind when you face an emergency expense or simply make a mistake on your balance.

Courtesy Pay is used solely at the credit union’s discretion, which means there are no guarantees that all transactions will be covered. For additional protection on your account, we recommend pre-authorizing overdraft transfers from another deposit account or applying for a Line of Credit that can be drawn from if you encounter an overdraft.